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Our Story

Presto was born from the market's need due to the high demand and lack of reliable, professional, and friendly services in this complex world of the food industry.


Thanks to our 30 years of combined experience, we have successfully met this demand, leading to it being one of the best companies in this field and handling all major brands without any problem. 


We provide a wide range of expert technicians in each area of the food industry, such as washing machines, gas and electric equipment, refrigeration, and welding. We can serve institutions without limitations, such as schools, hotels, nursing homes, prisons, airports, supermarkets, and more.

Where are we headed?

Presto is not only a company; it's a family, and as a family, we seek national and international expansion, and the only way to achieve this dream is with your help! Our loyal and satisfied customers. 


Presto Family


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