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Introducing the HOBART LXER High Temp Rack Undercounter Dishwasher, the perfect solution for commercial kitchens looking for a reliable and efficient cleaning system. This undercounter dishwasher is designed to fit seamlessly into tight spaces, maximizing your kitchen’s efficiency. With high temperature and high pressure water, this unit ensures a thorough and sanitary clean every time. The LXER model is equipped with a powerful pump and a built-in chemical pump for easy dispensing, providing consistent and effective results. Additionally, its durable stainless steel construction guarantees long-lasting performance in the most demanding kitchen environments. Say goodbye to hand-washing and hello to the HOBART LXER High Temp Rack Undercounter Dishwasher for all your dishwashing needs.





  • Cleans dishes using high-temperature water
  • Able to clean 24 racks per hour on its normal setting
  • 0.62 gal. of water used per rack
  • 2.9-gal. tank capacity
  • Accommodates 10-in. x 20-in. pans, 20-in. x 20-in. pans, and 16-in. x 18-in. cafeteria trays
  • NSF certified for pot and pan cycle on the heavy cycle
  • 17-in. door opening allows for bigger wares to be cleaned
  • Front opening design is built for undercounter or freestanding use
  • Upper and lower wash arms are revolving, anti-clogging, and easily snap into place
  • Stainless steel scrap screen is removable for cleaning
  • Corrosion-resistant pump is mounted horizontally and is a centrifugal type
  • Automatic pumped drain uses a built-in pump to drain water
  • Stainless steel tank is deep drawn for strength
  • Tube and fin coil made of copper and aluminum is used by the condensing system
  • Electric tank heat
  • Motor is built with an overload protection with an auto reset
  • Energy recovery from the waste heat is used by the condenser coil
  • Blower is a tangential wheel that is powered by a single phase motor for quiet operation






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