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•Energy Star 2.0 certified product.

• Built-in atmospheric booster sized to raise incomingwater to a minimum of 180 °F for sanitizing rinse. Noexternal booster required. Constant temperatureabove 180°F throughout the rinse cycle.

• Unique temperature interlock guarantees requiredsanitizing temperatures thereby ensuring that NSF mandated temperatures are maintained.

• Green light of "WASH SAFE CONTROL" confirmsthat items have been rinsed properly.

• Requires only 0.35 gallons of water per square footof rack.

• 4 washing programs 6, 10 or 15 minute as well ascontinuous wash cycle.

'• Maximum 10 cycles per hour.

• 26 3/8" x 27 15/16" x 27 15/16" washing chamber,suitable to wash large pots and sheet pans.

• 304 stainless steel construction to include frame,wash tank, booster tank and side panels.

• Revolving stainless steel wash/rinse arms aboveand below the rack.

• Wash and rinse arms easy to remove without theuse of a tool.•Wash water pressure can be regulated betweentop and bottom wash arms.

• Side washing arms for extra washing performance.•Side washing arms, easily removable for cleaning.

• Smooth surfaces and wash tank with roundedcorners to facilitate cleaning.

• Primary and secondary strainers for enhancedparticle filtering, easy to remove without having toremove wash and rinse arms.

• Self cleaning cycle.

• Easy access to wash chamber thanks to 180° frontopening door.

• Requires limited space for opening thanks to thecantilevered 2 part door.

• Double skin construction with sound insulation forquiet operation and to reduce heat dispersion.

• State of the art electronic controls with built inprogramming, self diagnostic for serviceability.

• Digital read out keeps operator informed as to cyclestatus and temperatures.

• Element protection from dry fire and low water.

• Pre arranged for automatic detergent dispensers.•Height adjustable feet.

• Stainless steel basket for pots and pans included.

• Sheet pan insert included. Low noise level




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